Handling of Personal Information (Students, etc.)

Nihon University (hereafter, the University) has been handling the personal information of each student with utmost care, recognizing its importance.

The University, in full compliance with the Private Information Protection Law (enforced as of April 1, 2005) and its main purpose, protects the private information of each student by heeding the following particulars.

In the event of any inconsistency between the English version and the Japanese version on the Japanese-language website of the College of International Relations of Nihon University, the Japanese version prevails.


  1. When the University gathers private information from students, such information will be collected by in principle using the University’s prescribed forms which expressly provide the purpose of such information gathering.
    (Identification of utilization purpose)
  2. The University will utilize the private information collected from students only to the extent needed to achieve the purpose of the collection of the information.
    (Limitation by utilization purpose)
  3. The University, when needed, will collect private information in adequate and equitable ways.
    (Adequate collection of private information)
  4. The University will make every effort to maintain collected private information accurately and updated to the extent necessary to the achievement of its purpose.
    (Securing accuracy of data)
  5. The University will implement necessary and appropriate measures for safe management of private information collected from students.
    (Safety control measures)
  6. The University will not provide private information collected from students to any third party without garnering first-person approval.
    (Restriction on provision of private information to a third party)
  7. The University will conform to the Private Information Protection Law and its related laws and regulations, and will continue to handle the private information of each student in an appropriate manner.

Additionally, the following cases will be exempt from the Private Information Protection Law.
1) Cases in which laws, rules, and regulations are stipulated otherwise.
2) Cases in which there are necessities to protect human lives, bodies, or the properties of an individual, and concurrently in which it is difficult to garner first-person approval.
3) Cases in which there are necessities to improve public health or to promote the sound growth of children, and concurrently in which it is difficult to garner first-person approval.
4) Cases in which the provision of personal information is necessary for cooperating with a national institution, a local public organization, or an individual entrusted by one of the above in executing the operations prescribed by laws, and concurrently in which obtaining the consent of the person might impede the execution of the operations concerned.
5) Cases in which the University acknowledges needs or adequate causes to do otherwise.

Please contact the offices concerned, if you have inquiries concerning private information.

Guideline Concerning the Protection of Personal Information at Nihon University

In accordance with laws and other related acts concerning the protection of personal information, the academic juridical person Nihon University (hereafter, the University) stipulates the guideline relating to the handling of personal information as follows, and in tandem with administering the protection of personal information, shall conduct smooth administrative operation of the University’s education, research, medical care services and the like.

  1. Compliance with Laws and Other Related Acts Concerning the Protection of Personal
    Information The University shall comply with laws and other related acts concerning the protection of personal information, and handle personal information in a fair manner.
  2. Definition of Personal Information
    Personal information as stipulated in this guideline refers to the data that the University acquires through the course of its duties, relating to students of the University, guardians and guarantors thereof, administrators, faculty members, alumni, applicants for admission to the University and the like, patients of hospitals affiliated to the University, as well as families and related parties of the aforementioned persons, through which an individual is specifically identified, or could potentially be identified.
  3. Responsibility
    1) The University shall recognize the importance of personal information, and strive to take necessary measures to prevent any infringement of the rights, interests or privacy of individuals through the handling of personal information.
    2) Administrators, faculty members and the like of the University, both during their term of employment and following their retirement, are prohibited from divulging or using for improper purposes the personal information they become aware of during the course of their duties.
  4. Restrictions on the Acquisition of Personal Information
    1) Personal information shall be acquired with a clear purpose of use, and in a fair and legal manner, within the necessary scope of the operations of the University’s education, research, and medical care services.
    2) The University shall not acquire personal information concerning thought, creed, religious affiliation, etc., in the event of there being a danger of infringement of said fundamental human rights.
  5. Use of Personal Information
    1) The personal information acquired by the University shall be used for the purpose of use specified at the time of acquisition or within parameters reasonably connected thereof, and for as long as is necessary to accomplish the work concerned.
    2) In the event of personal information being jointly used with a third party, or the handling of personal information being entrusted to a third party, the University shall supervise the other party or third party concerned in order to ensure fair use of said personal information.
  6. Offering Personal Information to Third Parties
    Excepting where stipulated by laws or regulations, the University shall not offer personal information to a third party without receiving the advance consent of the party to which the personal information pertains.
  7. Appropriate Management of Personal Information
    The University, while maintaining the accuracy and up-to-dateness of the content of personal information in its possession, shall take necessary precautionary measures to ensure safe management to prevent divulgation, loss, damage or the like concerning the personal information
  8. Disclosure of Personal Information
    In the event of receiving a request seeking the disclosure, amendment, suspension of use and deletion of personal information from the party to whom the personal information pertains or proxy thereof, the University shall, in accordance with laws and regulations, respond appropriately through a specially appointed personal information manager.
  9. Organization Control

    1) In order to ensure legal handling and management concerning the protection of personal information (including the handling of motions for complaint) the University shall establish personal information protection committees according to the following divisions.

    a) For the University, the Nihon University personal information protection committee shall be established with the chairman of the board of trustees as chairperson. This committee shall consist of the chairperson, members designated by the chairperson, and others. The president may attend the committee as the occasion arises.

    b) For the Central Administration Office, the Central Administration Office personal information protection committee shall be established with the standing trustee (in charge of general affairs) as chairperson. This committee shall consist of the chairperson and committee members appointed by the University.

    c) For the departments, colleges and schools, the respective personal information protection committees shall be established with the dean of the college, etc., concerned as chairperson. These committees shall consist of the chairperson and members appointed by the chairperson.
    d) For the Center for Information Networking, a specialist committee may be appointed to conduct the management of the database of the personal information it handles, and other duties.

    2) Regarding alumni information, a separately established alumni information management committee shall undertake responsibility.

  10. Enactment of Regulations, etc.
    To ensure the smooth implementation of this guideline, the University reserves the right to specially judge on the regulations, internal rules, and guidance concerning the preservation of personal information.
  11. Education and Training
    1) In order to achieve the fair use and protection of personal information, the University shall provide faculty members and the like with necessary education and training.
    2) In the case of personal information being handled by volunteers participating in activities under its auspices, or by guardians thereof, the University shall hold orientation sessions and the like for said participants, and shall make known to them the necessary measures implemented to ensure safe management of personal information.
  12. Inspection, Evaluation and Revision
    The University shall conduct periodic inspections, evaluations and revisions regarding the handling of personal information, and the guideline and the like, and make improvements where necessary.
  13. Date of Enforcement
    This guideline shall be enforced as of April 1, 2005.