Academic Programs

There are two departments which teach skills that can be utilized in the international community.

The Department of International Studies

The educational goal of the department is to nurture students who can interpret situations and can implement plans for solutions when there are issues needing global perspectives, as in such fields as the economy, environment, and international conflicts.

The Department of International Liberal Arts

The educational goal of the department is to enable students to acquire cross-cultural understanding and a command of a foreign language, along with knowledge about history, thoughts, arts, religions, literatures, etc. to meet the needs of the times to develop multicultural societies.



Mishima is a major regional city with a population of about 110,000 in eastern Shizuoka Prefecture.It is an attractive area, where the urban environment and nature coexist.

  • Mishima shrine

  • Mt.Fuji

  • Genbe River


Campus Life

We offer support to ensure that you can pursue academic life with peace of mind.