International Academic Partnerships

C.I.R. has been offering a variety of study abroad programs to help domestic and foreign students have hands-on experience abroad. The programs include the Dual Degree Program, Exchange Program through Nihon University, Exchange Program through C.I.R., Medium-term Study Abroad Program, Credit-recognition Study Abroad Program, and the Teaching Internship Program.

The universities/institutions which the whole Nihon University system is affiliated with include forty-five institutions in nineteen countries/regions, and those which C.I.R is affiliated with include twenty seven institutions in thirteen countries and regions.

Mission and Objectives

Nihon University College of International Relations welcomes students from all over the world. With its great location, with a rich cultural and natural environment, and an active campus community, the university is a perfect place to study and experience Japan and its language and culture.

At College of International Relations, we strongly urge both domestic and foreign students to experience studying abroad, because a great number of the faculty have been active internationally and know and believe that hands-on experience abroad gives students a chance to broaden their perspectives and understand different value systems, languages, cultures, religions, etc. Our mission and objectives are to do our best to help students have such experiences and promote international understanding. We are ready to accept and serve international students by offering courses taught in English by instructors who are educated in English-speaking countries and by offering assistance by staff members of the Center for International Education and Language Development (CIELD) and student volunteers and club members interested in interacting with international students.