Academic Calendar, Entrance Periods, and Extension of Stay

Like almost all other Japanese universities, C.I.R. follows the typical Japanese academic calendar, starting a new academic year on April 1 and ending it on March 31. Each semester is fifteen weeks long.

Spring Semester April 1 – End of July or Beginning of August (varies by year)
Fall Semester Mid-September – End of January or Beginning of February (varies by year)

Exchange students can start studying at C.I.R. in either Spring or Fall Semester. If your plan of stay was for one semester originally, it is technically possible to extend your stay for another semester upon approval.

Academic Calendar for Exchange Students

Spring Semester

Middle to late March Arrival
Orientation; Japanese Language Placement Test
Residency Registration
First week of April Class Registration
Classes Begin
Late April to early May National Holidays (Golden Week); no classes
Middle to end of July Final classes and Examinations
Last week of July / First week of August Departure or Summer break begins.

Fall Semester

Middle to late September Arrival
Orientation; Japanese Language Placement Test
Residency Registration
Class Registration
Classes Begin
Beginning of November College Festival; no classes

Last week of December

(varies by year)
Winter break
Second week of January Classes resume.
Middle to end of January Final classes and Examinations
End of January / Beginning of February Departure; Spring break begins.