The Founding Spirit of Nihon University

Nihon University is a private university, which is the largest in Japan, and one of the most comprehensive. Nihon University aims to contribute to world peace and the welfare of humanity by relying on the Japanese spirit, valuing Japanese tradition based on its history and culture, abiding by the Constitution, cultivating the spirit of independent creativity, and working for the development of culture.

The mission of Nihon University is to develop cultured people who are of sound mind and body, and to conduct in-depth academic research by gathering a broad range of knowledge from around the world.

Brief History of Nihon University

Nihon University was established as Nihon Law School on October 4, 1889 by its founder, Count Akiyoshi Yamada and other advocates. Count Yamada played as instrumental role in compiling Japan's modern law system as Minister of Justice. He firmly believed that Japan's modernization required education and research of legal principle on the basis of Japanese history, culture and tradition. It was this conviction that inspired him to establish Nihon Law School.

In 1903, Nihon Law School changed its name to Nihon University. Today, Nihon University, which consists of 20 graduate schools, 10 colleges and 4 schools, a distance learning division, a junior college with 6 departments, numerous research institutes, special training school, affiliated schools and hospitals, is one of the most distinguished private universities in Japan.

Undergraduate Colleges and Graduate Schools